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Posted by on September 4, 2009    |    Leave a reply   

It’s time to get the old string trimmer some new cutting line:

“I know,” (I might say to myself) “the internet! Surely I can find the size, shape, and material of the exact cutting line I need on the internet, and with just a simple search!”

Not a bad idea actually. It’s true that the availability of everything, tool and machine parts included, has been made very convenient by the internet. Most of the time, ending up at the right website is nothing more than some carefully chosen search words.

But (of course there’s a “but”), what if those wisely, logically chosen words were, say, “weed wacker string,” to find that cutting line? Well, depending on the search engine used, and depending on what you click, you might end up, here:,

Fantastic Musical Instruments, who sell, among other things, Weedwacker nylon bass strings. And nope, not that kind of weed whacker.

This might not make a lot of sense at first. Why would a company sell a style of bass strings and call them “Weedwacker” strings? Well, the answer has to do with the kind of music they’re used for, rockabilly. What’s rockabilly? We’ll let Wikipedia take care of that one, except to say that it has its roots in bluegrass music (like the “weed” in “Weedwacker” bass strings), and that rockabilly bassists tend to play a lot of slap style bass. Pretty clever actually.

Here’s what those bass strings look like:

Weewacker bass strings

Mixing up bass strings for trimmer line all the way through to an online purchase might sound like a long shot, but with a bass string brand like “Weedwacker,” you might be surprised. If more musical instrument components had tool and machine part namesakes (and vice versa), there’d be rockabilly musicians playing percussion on power tool housings and construction workers mixing paint with drum sticks in no time.

Ok, maybe that’s taking it a little far, but the potential for a mix-up is there. Not to mention how similar trimmer line looks to those bass strings. Here’s some typical trimmer line:

trimmer line

Our customers won’t find Weedwacker bass stings at, although they look like fine bass strings.

They will find over 250,000 individual tool and machine parts, including a wide variety of trimmer line.

Our website’s search features are accurate and fast, with a large, organized inventory system to back it up. Mixing up bass strings for trimmer line isn’t an issue at What matters to us is getting our customers to the exact tool or machine part they’re looking for, down to every detail (trimmer line color included).