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Posted by on June 26, 2009    |    Leave a reply is pleased to announce that our new video, “Replacing Bad, Cut, or Damaged Power Cords” is now available on our YouTube Channel:

At present, we have 23 videos with topics ranging from, “How to Remove a Drill Chuck” to the brand and model specific video, “How to Change the Blade Clamp on the Milwaukee Sawzall.” In order to provide customers with the best information available, most of our videos have articles with written instructions that are easily accessible on our website at:

drill chuck

As we continue to grow, so will the amount of information that we have available through our blog, our website, and our YouTube Channel. We welcome your comments and suggestions! Please let us know if there is an educational  power tool video or article that you would like to see us produce.

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The 5412L in Our Shop

The 5412L in Our Shop

Each day our shop repairs a variety of power tools. Some of the power tools we see have maintenance needs, such as replacing a damaged cord, cleaning out debris, lubricating moving parts, or replacing brushes. Other power tools have more complex problems including bad armatures, missing gears, broken safety mechanisms, and just about anything else you may imagine.






Bosh Laser Tracking Dual-Bevel Slide Miter Saw

Model: 5412-L

Today in our repair shop we had the opportunity to perform some simple maintenance issues on a Bosch miter saw. This power tool also arrived with some broken safety parts that required immediate replacement.

This power tool arrived with the following issues:


Temporary Fix

Temporary Handle Fix

  • Broken Linkage
  • Broken Lower Handle
  • Broken Upper Handle
  • Cracked Wheel Guard
  • Missing Rubber Rollers (2 were needed for this repair)

Replacement Part Links:

Cracked Wheel Guard

Cracked Wheel Guard

Repair Procedure:

  1. Remove the broken Linkage
  2. Remove the Lower and Upper Handles by removing the screws and the Mounting Hub (the mounting hub is a 2 part metal piece)
  3. Remove the broken Wheel Guard
  4. Attach the new Linkage
  5. The Lower and Upper Handles attach together with screws
  6. Make sure the wiring for the handle switch fits snug, without kinks
  7. Tighten the screws
  8. Attach the Wheel Guard using the lock nut, if it is too loose, it will rattle. If it is too tight, the Wheel Guard will not slide smoothly
  9. Attach one Rubber Roller on each side of the Wheel Guard

When this work is complete, check your angles and make sure your blade lines up square.

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Top 10 Television Shows with Prominently Featured Power Tools

(None of these TV shows feature power tools being used for violence)

10. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: You will probably not learn how to renovate your own home in 7 days, but you may catch the spirit of giving and selflessness in this ironic spin off of a show that emphasized vanity through extreme surgical procedures that often took participants away from their families for months in preparation for “the reveal.”

9. Home Improvement (Every Episode): A fictional TV family, with a DIY Dad, comically demonstrates what NOT to do in your workshop.

8. Dream House: From finding the land to installing the kitchen sink, this show takes you through each step of building your home.

7. Don’t Sweat It: A show that tackles the projects you never seem to finish.

6. Hammer Heads: Three builders come to your home to complete substantial projects in a weekend. Episodes include creating backyard retreats, installing a pool cabana, and creating private spaces for kids sharing one room.

5. The New Yankee Workshop: Norm Abram teaches you master woodworking skills.

4. This Old House: Classic show that introduces old school homes to modern conveniences.

3. Take Home Handyman: A great show that really takes you through the steps of using your power tools, instead of simply showing you the finished product.

2. Toolbelt Diva: Host Norma Vally guides DIY beginners through projects using tools that you are likely to already own.

1. Cool Tools: A cutting edge look at power tools to come and awesome innovations on those we know and trust.

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Imagine that you are in the middle of putting together the swing set that you have promised your kids you would do since Christmas. You notice that your drill has been running a little funny, but then your drill stops working.

Common Power Tool Problems

  • Two things that can be easy and affordable to replace are the brushes and the switch. The only thing that stands between you and the inside of many of your power tools is a screwdriver. For more information, check out our article: Replacement Power Tool Parts: Is it the Carbon Brushes or the Switch?

  • Check your cord on your power tools. If you find that your cord has signs of wear or is pulling away from the body of your tool, it’s a good idea to replace the cord for your safety and the heath of the tool. For information on how to complete this project, check out our article about Replacing Bad, Cut, or Damaged Power Cords on Your Power Tools. Repair Forum
Many tips and tricks can be found on our Repair Forum, where you are welcome to join, ask questions, and share your knowledge with power tool enthusiasts around the country.

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Top 10 Generator Safety Tips:generator

10. Your generator is for outdoor use only.

9. Use a battery powered carbon monoxide detector when running your generator.

8. Keep your operating and instruction manual in a place that is safe and easy to find. You may want to consider keeping your manual with your generator. if you do not have the generator manual, you may be able to find one for your model on our site or you may check with the manufacturer.

7. Always use fresh gasoline (less than 30 days old). If you have gas in your generator and will not be using it for 30 days or more, add a fuel stabilizer to your gas.

6. Not just any extension cord will do: Make sure you have an extension cord that is grounded and rated for the capacity you need.

5. Avoid coiling your extension cords. A coiled cord will get hot and likely cause burns.

4. Keep a record of your generator’s maintenance.

3. Be aware of your generator’s surroundings. Combustible materials MUST be kept away from your generator. DO NOT store cloths, shop towels, or anything that can burn near your generator. Combustible materials + your running generator = FIRE!

2. Your generator MUST NOT be plugged directly into your home outlet. Follow the instructions in your manual or consult a qualified electrician.

1. Replace worn out or broken generator parts immediately. carries generator replacement parts for the following models: