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Posted by on April 27, 2009    |    2 Comments   

Laser Level

The Ryobi AIRgrip Laser Level is a nifty little gadget for some home projects. Simple to use, this laser level uses battery powered suction to keep it from falling off of your flat walls. If you have textured walls, the Ryobi AIRgrip does come with pins that can be used to secure it to most surfaces. In our home test, we used the laser level to attempt to hang a 4′ x 4′ bathroom mirror, mount a corner shelf, and to hang some newly framed family photos.

This suctioned powered laser level boasts that it provides a visible light for up to 30 feet. The 360-degree rotating head offers users multiple angle capabilities, and a unique rotating laser head rotates 90 degrees for vertical and horizontal applications.

Hanging the large bathroom mirror was a breeze with the Ryobi AIRgrip Laser Level. With fresh batteries, the Ryobi remained firmly suctioned to the flat surface of the bathroom wall. The level was easy to read and the laser was simple to see. All we needed to do was measure and mark where we wanted the mirror to hang. Having the laser as a guide made this task much easier than we anticipated.

Following the success of the mirror, we decided to test the angular claims that the Ryobi makes by mounting a medium sized corner shelf in the living room. While the level and the laser were able to provide a perfect 90 degree angle, the battery powered suction failed to work on our lightly textured walls. This task ended up requiring two people. We placed the laser level on the corner shelf and while one of us held the shelf in place, the other marked the mounting points using the laser as a guide. While not the ideal situation, the shelf was mounted nicely after a few attempts. We could have opted to use the pins to mount the laser level to the wall, but decided that we did not want to have unnecessary holes if at all possible.

Hanging the family photos using the Ryobi AIRgrip Laser Level proved to be quite the project, as the textured wall surface again prevented the suction function from working. Following multiple attempts, we decided to use the pins to secure the Ryobi to the wall. This would have worked just fine had we wanted to hang the photos in a straight line; however we opted for the stair step look, so the laser level had to be moved and re-pinned several times, leaving small, but visible holes in our wall.

Overall, the Ryobi AIRgrip Laser Level is a cool gadget if you are soley working on flat surfaces or if holes in your walls do not bother you. The AIRgrip Laser Level comes with a padded case, 4 mounting pins, and a velcro strap to secure the laser level to objects. You may also use a tripod with this product. The Ryobi AIRgrip Laser Level can be found for less than $40 at many locations.

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light bulbs

Friday’s Top 10 Home and Garden Project Ideas

10. Install energy saving light bulbs in your home and work space.

9. Pressure wash your deck or patio.

8. Replace old outlet covers with new ones to match your paint.

7. Install a rain water collection system for your lawn and garden.

6. Put a new finish on your kitchen cabinets.

5. Pull weeds from your garden and walkway paths.

4. Install new cabinet hardware in your bathroom.

3. Aerate your lawn.

2. Install a dust management system in your home work shop.

1. Research plants that are native to your area to plant in your yard.

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Top 10 Spring Projects

10. Replace your furnace filters.

9. Give your air conditioner or swamp cooler a check-up before the summer heat hits.

8. Spruce up your home with replacement water faucets.

7. Replace or repair window screens that may have been damaged by harsh winter weather.

6. Build a new planter box for your garden.

5. Trim your trees.

4. Build a wall cabinet for the cool television you received last Christmas.

3. Install an ecologically friendly “natural swimming pool.”

2. Give your power tools a check-up.

1. Following your power tool check-up, be sure to replace any parts that are damaged or impeding the function of your power tools! You will need them for all of the projects you want to do! Of course you may find your parts and accessories at!

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New Blog Feature

Friday’s Top 10

We hope you enjoy this new feature of our blog! Every Friday, will post a Top 10 list to help get you started on your weekend and to give you ideas for the future!  From seasonal projects to reasons to use a drill, we hope you will find something that inspires you to break out those power tools and have fun! Please let us know what you think and feel free to share your ideas and comments.

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Delta SS250

The Delta SS250 Type 1 Scroll Saw is one of Delta’s lower end scroll saws, however, it offers excellent value for your money. The hobbyist, beginner, or established woodworker not requiring a ‘production-style’ machine will enjoy the features of this small saw.

Some exceptional features are the Delta SS250 needs only minor assembly, and has the added safety feature of the ON/OFF switch assembly that allows you to place a special padlock that can be inserted to prevent the machine being switched on or used when you are not around. At we applaud this awesome safety device! It’s great if you have curious young ones that sometimes sneak into the shop on occasion. Some users do report that the air nozzle set up is hard to position.

The Delta SS250 performed well with a wide variety of thickness cuts. Its maximum cut capacity is 2″ high, which is pretty much standard for machines of this size. One must remember that the throat size (16″ on the SS250) is something to consider if you plan to scroll saw larger pieces.


  • Motor: 1/4 HP Variable Speed
  • Speeds: 400-1800 rpm
  • Throat: 16″
  • Cut Thickness: Up to 2″
  • Table: 298mm diameter, 0-45 degree left tilt
  • Additional Inclusions: User Manual, Scroll Saw Safety card, Extra table insert blank.