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Posted by on March 3, 2009    |    Leave a reply   

When it comes to fixing power tools, there are tools everyone needs to have and some they simply should have to make their lives easier and avoid causing damage to the power tools they’re fixing. Aside from your basic screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, and wrenches there are some tools we recommend you keep on-hand if you are the fix-it-yourself type:

Adjustable Spanner Wrench – Used for changing grinding wheels. This wrench is adjustable, which means you won’t need to buy different sizes for different grinders.

Bearing Puller – Very useful for removing bearings and even gears from just about any tool.

Bearing Separator – When a bearing is flush against another part, like an armature bearing against the commutator, you will need to use the bearing separator to create space first, then you can get the bearing puller’s jaws behind the bearing for removal.

Torx Driver Bits – A majority of manufacturers are switching to torx screws, so it’s important for you to stock a collection of torx driver bits. These bits are extended so you can reach the screws that are deep inside a tool’s housing.

Folding Torx Key Set – These are useful when you can’t get in a good position with your driver bit to remove a screw. Set includes sizes T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, and T-40

6-piece Snap Ring Plier Set – Features two-way adjustable pliers that are good for helping you easily remove retaining rings, which can be very difficult without the right tool.

7-piece Drive Pin Punch Set[/url] – Knocking out roll pins, bearings, and whatever else needed won’t be challenging with this set that has all the sizes you will need.

Ten-in-one Screwdriver – A handy tool to have around because it has flat-head, phillips, and torx bits easily accessible and it is also a ratcheting screwdriver.

Here is a video we made illustrating the tools listed above:

Tools for Tool Repair Video

These tools usually cannot be found in your local hardware store, that’s why we decided to make them available for you at our website. They are in the Power Tool Accessories section of our website under General Accessories, listed as Tools for Tool Repair.