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The following power tool replacement parts are now available at

Ridgid Plumbing Tools and Vacuums

We already have a great selection of parts for various Ridgid Power Tools, and with our newest additions you won’t have to go to different places to find the Ridgid parts you need.

We now carry parts for: Piping Tools, Pipe Threading Die Heads, Drain Cleaners, Rodder Machines, Roll Groovers, Vacuums and other Miscellaneous Tool Parts.

Dremel Power Tools

Dremel invented the first high speed Rotary tool over 75 years ago and has become well-known in the Rotary Tools industry. Their popularity is why we now offer genuine Dremel replacement parts.

Parts are available for these tools: Corded Multi-Tools, Cordless Multi-Tools, Grinders, Moto-Flex Tools, Routers, Sanders, Scroll Saws, as well as other Miscellaneous Parts.

RotoZip Power Tools

RotoZip specializes in tools for cutting materials such as drywalls, ceramic wall tiles, and floor tiles among many others. RotoZip is part of the Bosch Tools Corporation, for whom we are a trusted parts distributor.

We currently have parts available for RotoZip Routers.

Fein Power Tools

Fein has been producing power tools since 1895. They specialize in power tools for specific tasks, but have a wide variety available on the market today.

We have parts available for most Fein Power Tools.

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We at pride ourselves in helping our customers find all the replacement parts they need for their power tools. Our website is the only place you need to go to for parts from all the major manufacturers: Bosch, DeWalt, Delta, Black & Decker, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, Ridgid, Ryobi, and more. We have parts lists and diagrams for each tool listed to make it easy for you to find the power tool parts you need. Purchasing parts online is easy, our checkout process is simple and the payment transaction is secure for your protection. If you need any assistance our knowledgeable customer service staff can help (866-802-6383 or We also have a factory certified technician with over 20 years of industry experience that our customer service representatives can turn to for answers to your questions.

In addition to our website we provide our customers and the community of power tool users with other resources to help them in their efforts to service their own power tools:

The Power Tool Articles section of our website is always being updated with helpful articles and videos on how to repair power tools, replace parts, and diagnose problems.

Our YouTube Channel ( lets you watch all of our power tool instructional videos. We are always expanding our library of videos and we welcome video comments and suggestions on our channel.

Our Power Tool Repair Forum is the first forum specifically designed for power tool repair information. It is a great place to turn to for answers from a community of members with many years of experience. We also value the knowledge you can share with other members of our forum.

The goal of making these resources available is to better serve the needs of our website visitors and customers by providing useful information on repairing power tools. Customer service is our focus and we want our customers to have the best experience possible while purchasing power tool replacement parts from us.