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Posted by on August 14, 2008    |    Leave a reply   

I have two DeWALT 18 Volt cordless lights, and I love both of them. They are so handy around the house, and even out on the go.

My first light is the DeWALT DW919 Flex Floodlight.
The flexible neck makes this a great light when you want a direct powerful light, that can be directed at an awkward angle. I have used my light while working on my car, working out in the garage, and even up in the attic. I really like the fact that you can sit this light upright easily on a flat surface by resting on the 18V battery.
The most common replacement part for this item is the 18 VOLT FLASHLIGHT BULB. The package comes with two bulbs in a pack, so you can have a spare handy in case it you need it. This light comes with a lot of cordless kits, so we try to stock these bulbs and we should have them in stock for quick delivery.

The second DeWALT light that I have DC528. This is another great cordless light made by DeWALT. Just like the other 18V lights, it rests perfectly on the bottom of the 18V battery, so you can put it on any flat surface, and not worry about it falling over. This light has a fluorescent bulb that gives off a flood or fill type light instead of a concentrated beam type light.

It is shocking how much light it gives off, and how long the battery lasts on a full 18V battery charge. I used mine the other night on a camping trip and it lasted over two hours on one single battery charge without any signs of slowing down. It also has a wire hook that tucks away nicely. It is a really good design, even though it is very simple. Here is a link for the DC5273 replacement fluorescent light bulb if you need to buy another one. It is fluorescent so it should last a long time, but they do go out from time to time, so it does not hurt to have another one.

There are a lot of things that DeWALT does right, and these cordless lights definitely fall under that category.

Posted by on August 6, 2008    |    Leave a reply   

We added a few cool new accessories to our website yesterday. For those of you out there in a line of work where rotary hammers / demolition hammers are a big need, you know how important it is to have the right bits for the right job. Three of the most popular types of bit shanks are: SDS Max, SDS, and Spline. These three types of shanks are not cross compatible without an adapter.

So, what do you do if you are on the job and you have a spline bit that you need to use, but you are working with a SDS Max tool?

The good news is that Bosch has a great set of adapters that will convert one type of shank to the other.

1) Spline-SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Adapter

This adapter converts spline shank to SDS Plus. Here is a picture to help show how it works:

2) SDS Max-SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Adapter

Here is a picture of this one. It is just like the adapter above, except that it converts SDS Max to SDS plus.

3) SDS Max-Spline Rotary Hammer Adapter

This last one converts SDS Max to Spline shank.
All of these accessories are genuine Bosch brand accessories. They are manufactured with the quality and engineering that you would expect from Bosch.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about these adapters. Also, if you have used them before, let me know and I will post about your experience.

Posted by on August 4, 2008    |    Leave a reply   

We have added the Black and Decker Dust Buster line to our site. The Dustbuster brand portable cordless vacuums have been an extremely popular and very successful line for Black and Decker. They have been around for a long time. Many of the parts for these small cordless vacs are still available from Black and Decker, so we have added a place for them on our website.

Over time, there are two main things that will affect the performance of these useful vacuums:

1) The filters will become clogged and less effective. The job of the filter is to trap as much dust and dirt as possible, so it doesn’t get blown right out of the other side of the vacuum. These filters do such a great job that over time the smallest particles decrease the possible airflow and hence the performance of the dust buster vacuum. You can clean these filters by shaking them out, or some are even designed to be washed in water (not all of them, check your owners manual.) Ultimately, the filter will have to be replaced to maintain peak performance. We now carry an extensive line of filters for your hand held Dustbuster, so you can easily replace your filter.

2) The other thing that deteriorates over time is the battery pack. This is not due to bad design or faulty materials, it is just simply a fact of life with batteries. They are rated for a certain amount of cycles, and after time they become less and less effective. If you have a dustbuster and it wont hold a charge, or it shows a serious lack of power, replacing the battery will very often solve the problem.

If you have a dustbuster model that you do not find on our website, give us a call at 1-866-802-6383 or Contact Us Here.