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 Black and Decker BLC12600B Blender Parts

Jar Base Black
Part Number: 03498EZB
In Stock, 2 Available
Price:  $13.56
Lid Black
Part Number: 081113EE
In Stock, 3 Available
Price:  $13.57
Lid Cap Clear
Part Number: 081114FI
In Stock, 7 Available
Price:  $11.32
Rubber Gasket New
Part Number: 09146-1
In Stock, 3 Available
Price:  $11.32
Blade Without Gasket
Part Number: 77766
In Stock, 25 Available
Price:  $22.77
48 Oz Glass Blending Jar
Part Number: 99010
In Stock, 10 Available
Price:  $22.15

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Question: Jar Base


Blender is 3 Months Old! BLC12600b the teeth cracked on the base of the Jar. need that part only.
Ours lasted about 9 months. The teeth on the bottom of the jar base became brittle and broke without warning.I agree;cost of replacement cost just as much as new machine.Find a different brand!
This "cyclone" blender only lasts 3-6 months, even if you are simply blending liquids. The blade bottom teeth break off and the cost of repair, since you need 2 separate parts, is more than the cost of the machine. DO NOT BUY!!!! This is advertised as the top of the line in 12 speeds. It's the bottom of the heap and B&D are not helpful at all, even with a warranty.