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 Black and Decker 9078 Type 1 Screwdriver Parts

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Screwdriver Bit
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Battery Pack
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Discussion for the Black And Decker 9078 Type 1 Screwdriver

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Question: 5102057-00 Battery Pack


could you please tell me about how long its gonna be before the battery pack gets shipped Thank you so much! i cant wait till i get it my battery thats in it now is shot and i miss using my electric screwdriver i am dying lol lol
Reply: 5102057-00 Battery Pack


Hello johnny592807,

I just check with the factory, and they are giving us a delivery date of 3/22/2013. I would give it a week or two to get it after that date.

Question: Battery Terminals


old battery was already removed. what terminal does red wire hook to ?
Reply: Battery Terminals


Hi tac,
Red should go to the positive side of the battery.Hope this helps.
Reply: Battery Terminals


There is no positive or negative indicators on the terminals.
Question: DC


This is a 3.6 volt DC Battery right

------- = DC
- - -
Question: Replace Battery


how to replace the battery on the 9078 screw driver
Reply: Replace Battery


Read these steps completely before beginning.

I removed the 2-piece orange cover by removing 4 screws (3 long, 1 short) and the switch lever before beginning Step 1 - this may not be necessary. If after following Step 1 you cannot cannot remove the handle pivot button assembly or pull the handle/battery compartment away from the screwdriver body, remove the orange cover and note orientation of the switch lever on removal. Set these parts aside.

Step 1 - Remove 1 screw w/washer from the handle pivot button assembly. Note alignment of splines on both halves of the assembly as they're removed. Remove the spring inside the pivot assembly barrel. Set these parts aside.

Step 2 - Remove 4 screws that hold the 2-piece handle/battery compartment together. Pull the handle apart exposing the battery and set aside the compartment end cap. Don't stretch out the wiring between the screwdriver body and the battery compartment or the wiring inside the battery compartment. Note that the charger socket fits in to slots inside the battery compartment halves.

Step 3 - Use long-nose pliers to carefully remove the small fast-on wire connectors from the old battery. Note polarity/orientation of the old battery pack and remove it.

Step 4 - Compare the length of the old and new battery packs by placing them side-by-side. If the new battery pack is too long you will not be able to secure the battery compartment end cap on reassembly. If the new battery pack is longer than the old one you can flex the alignment of the 3 cells in the new pack until the lengths are the same - you may need to make cuts in the shrink-wrap cover between the battery cells in order to do this. Use an X-Acto or utility knife to cut the shrink-wrap as needed, taking care not to cut in to the battery cells. Do not completely remove the shrink-wrap and make sure that bare wiring does not contact exposed battery cell surfaces.

Step 5 - Slide the small fast-on connectors on to the new battery pack terminals, do not force or bend the terminals. Follow polarity noted in Step 3 above and make sure that the connections are tight.

Step 6 - Reassemble the screwdriver by following appropriate steps in reverse order. Note placement of the wiring inside of the battery compartment to avoid interference with the mechanical parts during re-assembly. The battery compartment end-cap can be positioned before or after the compartment halves are screwed together.

Re-charge the screwdriver for several hours before use.
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