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Why Read This Article?

  • Demonstration video.
  • Chuck removal/installation steps.
  • Press chuck design explained.

Article Breakdown

  • Drill press chucks fit into presses with a Morse taper.
  • The steps for drill press chuck removal/installation are different than for other chuck types.

Drill Press Chuck Removal Methods

  • Steps for removing drill press chucks are fast and easy.

Drill Chuck Removal Tool

  • Using a chuck removal tool is the easiest way to remove a drill press chuck.
  • The chuck removal tool fits inside a window on the press spindle.
  • Lightly hammering the tool into the window causes the chuck to fall out.

Hardwood and Hammer

  • A piece of hardwood and a hammer can be used to remove a chuch as well.
  • When done correctly, this method does not risk damaging the press.

Cleaning and Reinstalling the Chuck

  • All drill chucks should be cleaned before installation/reinstallation.


Tools & Materials

  • chuck removal tool
  • a regular hammer
  • a piece of hardwood
  • acetone
  • a rag
  • a wooden or rubber mallet

How to Remove and Reinstall a Drill Press Chuck

April 22, 2010
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Follow this article's steps and instructions to correctly remove and reinstall your drill press's chuck. View this article's video for a demonstration.

The steps for removing and reinstalling a drill press chuck are a different than the steps for other drill chucks (like drill/driver chucks), because drill press chucks fit into their drill presses differently.

The shafts of drill press chucks are specially tapered to fit very tightly into the identically-tapered spindles of drill presses. The kind of taper used in drill presses and their chucks is called a Morse taper.

Morse Taper Drill Press Chuck

Drill press chucks need to be removed if their shafts become bent or if they otherwise become defective. A dirty chuck shaft or improper installation can also cause a drill press chuck to fall out.

Read the fast and easy drill press chuck removal, cleaning, and installation steps below to ensure that your drill press chuck holds in your drill.


Drill Press Chuck Removal Methods

There's more than one way to get a drill press chuck out of a drill press, and luckily, each method is easy and only takes a few seconds.

Needed Chuck Removal Tools


Drill Chuck Removal Tool

Drill presses come with a special tool for removing their chucks called a chuck removal tool. This is the easiest way to remove a chuck from a drill press.

The chuck removal tool is shaped to fit inside a special access window on the spindle of the drill press.

Hammering the chuck removal tool into the spindle window pushes the top of the chuck spindle down until its taper fit loosens and the chuck falls out of the press.



1. Insert the chuck removal tool into the press's spindle window.

2. Lightly hammer the chuck removal tool farther into the window until the chuck falls out of the press.

Chuck Removal Tool

Make sure that the drilling table of the press is raised up enough that the chuck is not damaged from its fall.

Chuck removal tools can be found for separate sale for most drill presses.

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Hardwood and Hammer

If a chuck removal tool isn't available and a drill press chuck needs to come off anyway, no sweat.

Although a little more crude, using a hammer and a piece of hardwood to remove the drill press chuck is a great backup method. As long as it is done properly, you won't risk damaging your drill chuck or the drill press.


1. First, get a hammer and a strong, usefully-sized piece of hardwood. 

2. Position the hardwood above the chuck at an angle.

3. Using the hammer, give the hardwood a good whack or two, and the chuck should fall right out.

Just make sure the the force of the hammer strike is angled as downward as possible, so as not to risk bending the chuck shaft or drill spindle.

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Cleaning and Reinstalling the Chuck

Any drill press chuck should be cleaned before installation or reinstallation back into the drill press.

Because of their tight, "Morse taper" fit, any oil, dirt, or debris on the chuck shaft or in the drill spindle will compromise the hold of the chuck in the press.


1. Clean the spindle of the chuck with a rag and a degreasing agent. Acetone works especially well because it evaporates quickly. Also, use a rag and some acetone to clean inside the spindle of the drill press.

2. Once the shaft and spindle are clean, insert the drill chuck into the press firmly enough for it to stay in on its own for a moment.

3. Retract the jaws of the drill press chuck to prevent damaging them.

4. Lower the press table to open up some hammer-swinging space.

5. Using a wooden or rubber mallet, strike the bottom of the chuck quickly and forcefully two or three times.

Chuck Reinstallation

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the Morse taper design. If done properly, this easy installation will ensure that that chuck stays firmly engaged in the spindle until it's meant to come out.

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