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Find Your Alfresco Model Number

If you’ve ever had to find the model number on a grill, the process should be similar to finding the model number on your Alfresco barbecue. Alfresco usually places their model and serial numbers on just inside the doors, on a sticker. If your grill doesn’t have doors, check the back of the unit. This sticker will typically be white, with black lettering, and should have the Alfresco logo at the top.

Once you find this sticker, you’ll want to scan it for your grill’s model number. The sticker should indicate what number is the correct model number you’re looking for. However, in case it’s not, search for a model number similar to AGBQ-30. All Alfresco model numbers will follow that format.

Have you find your model number? Great! You’re now ready to start searching for replacement parts. Either enter your model number in the search box above or click the option that best represents your model to the right, then click your corresponding model number. If you’re still having trouble finding your model, don’t worry. Our customer service team is always happy to help you search. Give us a call at (866) 802-6383.

Help with Your Alfresco Repair

As your grill likely spends most of its days outside, wear and tear is bound to happen. In addition to providing regular maintenance, over time your Alfresco barbecue may need some spare parts to keep it operating like new. That’s where we come in! We can do more than just help you find the parts you need for your repair--we’ll help you get through the repair too!

So, say your grill won’t light up anymore. Many of us wouldn’t know what parts we need to get it running again. Just swing by our repair forum and our community of experts will help diagnose the problem, and let you know what parts you need. Then our interactive parts diagrams will help you get the parts ordered. You can also find hundreds of step-by-step repair articles in our Repair Center. The pictures and video will help keep you on task and prevent you from getting a headache because you don’t know what to do next.

Yes, fixing things just got that much easier.
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Customer Recomendations
I'm very happy with my purchase and the the way my order was handled.... the parts were exactly what I expected and their delivery was fast in my opinion. I ordered my parts Monday night and received them Thursday morning (from Utah to Alabama) I'm a happy camper and will do more business with them.
Kim P.
Alabama, USA
A New Way of Grilling
Alfresco got started as a company in 2000, with one goal: to help consumers build a true, open-air kitchen with their barbecues at the heart of it all. Alfresco uses 304 stainless steel in all their grills, some of which reach 27,000 BTUs in temperature.

Alfresco also designs refrigerators and everything else needed for outdoor kitchens. We stock parts for their grills, and because all our in-stock parts ship within one business day, you can get the parts you need for your Alfresco repair--fast! That’s just how we do things at