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Airstream WFT-16022 High-Wheel Field Trimmer

 Airstream WFT-16022 High-Wheel Field Trimmer Parts

Top Level Assembly
Engine - Top Level Assembly
Wheel Assembly
Handle Assembly
Frame Assembly
Cutting Head Assembly
Engine - Sub Level Assembly
Cylinder Head Assembly
Valve Timing Assembly
Crankcase Assembly
Crankshaft Assembly
Piston/Connecting Rod Assembly
Muffler Assembly
Air Filter Assembly
Carburetor Assembly
Ignition System Assembly
Engine Cover Assembly
Governor Assembly
Fuel Tank Assembly
   Top Level Assembly   

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A-6Belt, Drive 9.5x1160
Part #: A201921
In stock
2 available
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Question: Stop Lever


Part is obsolete, is there a replacement part available.
Reply: Stop Lever


Hello W76114,

I spoke with the manufacture and inquired about the availability of the A101070 Stop Lever. They are in stock and ready to ship.

Question: Replacement For A100539 Belt


Got a good little trimmer by powermate. I'd hate to scrap it for the want of a belt. Is there a suitable replacement out there anywhere? So far no help even from powermate dealers.
Reply: Replacement For A100539 Belt


Hello 2popawsandawalnut,

The drive belt part number A100539 is still available, and you can order anytime.

Question: Will This Part Fit My Trimmer?


I have a trimmer model Pwft10022iej. I am looking for a guide height. I am wondering if this part will fit. Part Number is [A100587. Any Info is appreciated. Thanks