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Locate My Airmaster Model Number

Incase you didn’t come ready with your Airmaster model number, this section will help you find it. We require this number to find parts so that you only browse compatible parts for your exact model. Let’s get started!

Unless you still have the owner’s manual or packaging that came with your product, you’ll need to search for your model number on the product itself. This information can be found on a white identification sticker (rating tag) on the housing of your fan’s motor. This tag will display the Airmater name/logo at the top along with the place of production. Below this, you’ll find our model number, horsepower, and voltage information. All you’ll need to fetch is the model number which is clearly labeled on this sticker.

You can simply type in this number into the search box on this page or sort by category to the right of this section. Both will get you to the same result. And if this section has not helped you find your Airmaster model number, we can still help. Just give our customer service team a call at (866) 802-6383 and they’ll help you search.

Expert Advice on Airmaster Fans

If your Airmaster fan ever goes down for any reason, you will probably want to get it fixed-up as soon as possible. We understand that the idea of self-repairing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Not only will repairing your products at home save you time and money, it will also give you mechanical knowledge that lasts with you forever. And by using you should have no trouble completing repairs yourself, with only a few basic tools.

When starting any repair, you’re bound to have questions. We recommend getting all of your questions answered before you even purchase parts. This will help you understand the why’s, how’s, and when’s of your repair. This can be done by visiting our repair forum and asking the users for help or by calling our customer service team.

Once you’ve had all of your repair questions answered, you’re ready to order the necessary parts. Our interactive parts diagrams and search functions make parts ordering on our website easy and simple. But if you’d rather speak live with an agent to get the parts ordered, you can do that as well.
And since most of the replacement parts we sell don’t come with instruction on how to get them installed, you’ll probably need a guide to get your repair completed. We’ve made step-by-step installation guides that come in both videos and articles. These can be accessed by visiting our repair center. Our tool guru Mark stars in these videos and is great at making them easy to follow and understand.

So don’t delay your repair any longer! Anyone can use the resources we’ve developed to get their repair completed quickly and easily. See why so many people are choosing as their default repair destination.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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Great service! Speedy shipping, I ordered the part and by the third day it was sitting on my porch and reasonably priced! I'll keep their web site listed in my favorites and will check it out for future parts.
Keith B.
Washington, USA