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Air Vent/Cover Lock for Pressure Cooker/Pressure Canner

Part Number: 85407
Availability: 4 in stock
Leaves our warehouse within 1 business day.
Price: $7.98

Genuine Presto replacement part, it is sold individually.
This is a safety feature for the Presto products listed below.
Once the pressure is at a certain point the center of this part will pop up.
This will not allow you to remove the lid until either the pressure is released by the pressure regulator or the cooker has been taken from the heat source.

This part is compatible with the following machines:


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Question: Air Vent Cover Lock


Does this part include the gasket that goes with this part?
Reply: Air Vent Cover Lock


Hello minehats,

The Presto 85407 Air Vent/Cover Lock, does include the gasket in your question. If you would like to have an extra one for future use, the part number is 85659 Pressure Cooker/Pressure Canner Gasket.

Question: Air Vent Cover Lock?


I have an older presto canner that has been stored for several years and want to replace some parts before using it. I have looked at the parts list and want to make sure i am geetting the right stuff. This may be a stupid question but is the air pressure lock the little button that pops up on the lid when the pressure comes up ? Thanks
Reply: Air Vent Cover Lock?


Hi rollsroyce,

[I]f you are asking about the metal piece that pops up under pressure then yes that is the lock.

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